Promoting affordable housing

Protecting historic homes

Stewarding thoughtful change to the built environment

Foundation value statement

Foundation Goals

  1. We help citizens with the process of obtaining official designation and protection for historic homes and neighborhoods.
  2. We preserve, plan and provide affordable housing
  3. We promote and fund educational opportunities in the field of historic preservation, responsible remodeling and authentic design through internships, Career and Technical Education (CTE) and scholarships
  4. We provide expertise in the form of consulting and lectures, and sponsor awards for stewardship of the built environment (preserving homes, buildings and neighborhoods as well as effective designs on new-built homes to fit into historic neighborhoods)
  5. We partner with local businesses, individuals and non-profit organizations to raise awareness and take action in helping to maintain Portland’s historic charm and character while advancing affordable housing initiatives.

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Mission Statement

  • Saving, beautifying and preserving heritage homes, buildings and neighborhoods.
  • Creating affordable housing and fighting homelessness.
  • Promoting and funding education in design, building, renovation, historic preservation and remodeling.

If you are a Laurelhurst resident

Let your voice be heard and join your neighbors against the destruction of Portland history and character. Please sign the petition (non-binding and not available to the public) so that the Laurelhurst Neighborhood Association can gauge support for the Historic District designation before beginning the application process.

Sign the Petition

If you are a Eastmoreland resident

Join your neighbors against the destruction of homes in your amazing historic Portland neighborhood. Please sign this declaration of support for Eastmoreland being listed as a Historic District in the National Register of Historic Places so that the Eastmoreland Neighborhood Association and the city of Portland can show that over 50% of the neighbors are in favor.

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We moved back to Oregon after spending 13 years working in Europe. We would have liked to live in Portland again (we had a great craftsman style home in North Portland before we moved) but we couldn't afford it, even on two teachers' salaries. - Bill

In Overlook, the small houses, which were already getting pretty expensive, are being torn down in favor of huge, modern homes and duplexes that don't fit in to the neighborhood at all, and which cost $1,400,000! How is that promoting affordable housing?! - Richard

We need more ways to connect young people with on-the-job training, scholarships and affordable housing. We need to empower people to use their strengths and skills to make a difference in building community instead of watching people become more and more disaffected and disconnected. - Monica

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Together, We Can Save Whole Neighborhoods

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