Consulting / Lectures / Awards

Using our expertise to protect Portland neighborhoods and provide affordable housing

A very strong┬ápart of our mission is to help people to find better solutions for building and remodeling properties in Portland’s older neighborhoods, including affordable options. With decades of experience in residential remodeling in Portland and a passion for responsible land-use and affordable housing, the McCulloch Foundation acts as a think tank, specializing in ideation, problem-solving and finding mutually-beneficial solutions to housing and building issues.

What we do:

    1. Advise government, private and non-profit organizations on historic preservation
    2. Consult on win-win investment strategies for property owners, government and corporate organizations and developers on responsible property remodels and buildings which not only fit into the existing historic neighborhoods but also provide more affordable housing options
    3. Advise on land use solutions
    4. Purchase or help others purchase historic homes threatened with demolition and find ways to remodel, rebuild or repurpose them
    5. Provide design work to help builders and remodelers maintain the character of a neighborhood
    6. Write articles and create videos on Historic District designation, remodeling, preservation and design
    7. Give lectures on housing and building design issues in Portland
    8. Give awards for stewardship and for good period design, including new to look old, and old remodeled
    9. Host and co-host fundraising events with other non-profits to raise awareness and money


January, 2017 – Presented on Remodeling Homes in a Historic District from a Developer’s Point of View to the Eastmoreland Neighborhood Group

April, 2017 – Presented on Environmental Effects of Demolition to the HEART Eastmoreland Gathering

May, 2017 – Presented on the History of Sellwood at the Tucker Maxon School Fundraiser

May 2017 – Lobbying to reform HB 2007 at the Oregon Capitol

We are very proud to announce that John McCulloch of the McCulloch Foundation was the second recipient of the Lake Oswego Historic Society’s Morgan Award. This award was created to honor an individual who has contributed substantially to furthering their┬ámission. John purchased the stunning Emma Austin House, Lake Oswego’s most beautiful Arts and Crafts residence, in order to save it from demolition.

Emma Austin House

Please contact us at the McCulloch Foundation. We look forward to helping steward thoughtful change to the built environment in Portland.