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SE Examiner – Laurelhurst Races Against the Wrecking Ball – Feb. 2017

“With a the tally of 2016 home demolitions topping 375, according to The Portland Chronicle, some 600 plus signatures support designating Laurelhurst a National Historic District to protect it from the wrecking ball.

As a result of Residential Infill Project (RIP) concepts and fast-tracking through City Hall, duplexes on all lots, triplexes on corners and multi-unit clusters on double lots could supplant single family homes.

With historic designation, developers would be unable to demolish houses that contribute to the architectural heritage of the HD. Some degree of densification could be achieved through ADUs and internal conversions. Non-contributing homes in the district could still be demolished and replaced with duplexes, triplexes or apartment clusters.

The LNA has yet to take a position on designation. Instead, it has formed an Exploratory Historic District Committee to study the pros and cons.  LNA President Dick Kuhns has promised to assess community sentiment first before making final decisions.”

Star News – Loving Laurelhurst – Sept. 2015 – Historic district designation

“In January 2015, when Green queried residents at a general meeting about seeking historic district designation of the Laurelhurst neighborhood, Constance Beaumont volunteered to form a committee to explore various options to preserve Laurelhurst’s beauty and charm. She quoted Jeffrey Tumlin’s book, Sustainable Transportation Planning (Wiley, 2012) which stated, “If something is beautiful, we will cherish it, maintain it, and continue to improve on it.”

The committee is currently gathering information about historic district processes to inform residents and consider lessons learned from other Portland neighborhoods like Irvington, which has historic designation, and Buckman, whose residents recently rejected it. To date, the committee has not developed a proposal for the LNA board. Beaumont is following a new Residential Infill task force with citizen involvement to ensure that new or remodeled housing is integrated with the neighborhood. For more information: See”