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For Investors

The Sharewell Model:
an Outstanding Investment Opportunity

We are not set up to sell Sharewell shares yet, but when we do get through the SEC guidelines, investments could look something like this:

Socially responsible

The Sharewell model is the best strategic solution available to the affordability crisis and the homeless emergency. When you help others through investing in Sharewell, you invest in your future.

Secure investment

The market, whether stock market or real estate, is unpredictable. The Sharewell model has the security the wise investor looks for. Where Portland’s hot housing market may yield growth of up to 4% on a good year, the Sharewell is paying more than that EVERY year for the term of ten years. Bonds, also safe, only pay 2.5%. Sharewell Investments are real estate-backed with a guaranteed, recession and market-proof return on investment (ROI). When you buy an interest in Sharewell, your name or company name appears on both the property deed, and on the name of the LLC that holds the property.

In the event that the foundation did not have funds available within 90 days of the ten year maturation, the property could be liquidated. The investor would be compensated at 150% of original investment (plus prorated interest, or at their percent ownership as reflected in the sale price, whichever is less). With ten years, the property appreciation is virtually guaranteed to be sufficient to meet the obligation.

Size of Investment

Each Sharewell project may have up to seven investors, each contributing as little as $50,000.”

Return on Investment

The investor receives a payment of $150,000 on each 100,000 investment upon maturity, (5% ROI) The term is ten years.

Annuity Option

The sum in interest and principal may be paid out at the investor’s option, as an annuity that is held tax free until paid: An ideal low-risk retirement investment, or gift to dependents, family, etc.

Invest and Live-in Option

For those looking to reduce cost of living dramatically, a live-in option is available. Rooms can be rented with family, friends, etc. for as little as $500 per month for life. They may buy their own unit for only $100,000 and so live free of rent payments for life.

Live-in Option Scenarios:

1. $100,000 buys a room. Once it is yours, you can live there for the remainder of your days subject to house rules, like an HMO. You may buy other rooms so that you can also receive a rental income, but at the affordable rates specific to your particular Sharewell. One can live with friends and or loved ones, enjoying the stimulation of community while creating a source of fixed income from the roughly $5,000 per year you will collect from extra units you buy and rent out.
2. An investor who lives in may also turn a small retirement into ownership of more units which will pay roughly 5% each. For example, for $500,000 a person can have a comfortable room to live in until they require assistance, and a revenue stream of $20,000 per year for the duration of their time in the Sharewell (actual occupancy and rents will vary).

For the time being, we are looking for partner owners in the next Sharewell Project as fellow members of an LLC. Monies collected from the property would be from rent collected. Future investment will become available only when we can make a proper investment portal that meets all of the complex rules and regulations governing public investment. In the mean time, you can help our foundation by making a tax-deductible donation today.