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June 24 – HB 2007 Update

Though a LOT of people have been giving feedback to legislators over the past month or two and they are truly hearing us, this bill is not dead yet – please consider contacting members of the Ways and Means Committee to say that we want a bill that is REALLY...
Organizations opposing HB 2007

Organizations opposing HB 2007

The Following Organizations OPPOSE HB 2007 as currently written and request amendments or rejection of the bill. National Trust for Historic Preservation opposes HB 2007: “HB 2007 is a misguided emergency measure that seeks to address Oregon’s affordable housing...

Top ten reasons to save an old house

Top ten reasons to save an old house Tearing down old houses is ruining our history and the enduring character of our most charming and livable neighborhoods. Our shared cultural heritage is being inexorably destroyed.  Once these great old homes are lost, they are...