Affordable Housing Vision:

Micro Communities Create Hope for a Better Future

Sharewell Prospectus

We are building affordable housing through the Sharewell home. Now we are asking others to invest in the Sharewell model, scaling up to serve more people in need.


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Our Story: Stewarding Thoughtful Change to the Built Environment

Today, housing dominates the local news: the affordability crisis, the homeless emergency and the demolition epidemic have left a mark on the lives of the public. Commonly discussed solutions often involve ineffectual overspending. The interest of large developers seem to lead the community away from frugal and thoughtful solutions, and taxpayers are often hit hard in the name of helping with housing. Politicians are sometimes not aware of what construction costs should be, and are unable to affect change to improve the crisis.

The foundation has the tools to address these problems. All three issues revolve around housing which fits the focus of the founder. John McCulloch is an activist, real estate investor, entrepreneur, businessman, and an architectural designer who knows how to create quality homes for a reasonable cost. McCulloch Construction, the design and build firm operated by McCulloch, can create housing with speed and efficiency unmatchable by government.

A Note From the Founder:

The serendipity of being civically minded, while possessing the tools necessary to address the main problems confronting our community led organically to the McCulloch Foundation. Through these tools, we are your best conduit for making a difference. Through us you will have the biggest impact for every dollar or hour that you give. We all share the dream that the world will be better for our time in it; through the McCulloch Foundation, you can make that dream a reality.

We get results.


We are tackling three of the greatest challenges facing Oregonians today: the homeless emergency, the affordability crisis, and the demolition epidemic.


The Foundation is actively saving Portland history through the purchase and restoration of landmark properties. In our first year, we stopped more than 15 demolitions to preserve Portland’s beauty and heritage.

The McCulloch Foundation is among the most effective forces for preservation in Oregon because of swift action to save historic buildings through direct purchase. Where other preservation organizations have focused on education or advocacy to promote preservation, we have focused on the immediate acquisition to prevent demolition.


We are building housing to fight homelessness and create affordability called the Sharewell Model. The Sharewell’s shared living design creates micro-communities throughout the city; it is infinitely scalable and tailor-made for groups who can better find success together. This model is also offered as a real estate investment opportunity designed to end homelessness.


Our contributors are industry thought leaders who publish white papers and legislation designed to address our three great challenges. We take a non-partisan, scientific approach to design and distill the most impactful solutions possible.


Strategic Board

Made up of community and business leaders who make a difference through strategic thinking and partnerships.
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Commitment includes:
• Biannual meeting
• 6 service hours per year
• $300 annual membership
• Two-year term (renewable)

Implementation Board

Made up of aspiring leaders and proven achievers, who want to make a difference in their community.
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Commitment includes:
• Quarterly meeting
• 40 service hours per year
• $100 annual membership
• Two-year term (renewable)

Think Tank Distinguished Authors

Include contributors who offer creative policy, legislative solutions, and analysis of the issues facing Oregonians in the built environment. The authors contribute in the form of white papers and proposed legislation.
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Governing Board

The Chair, Vice Chair & Treasurer, Secretary, and Executive Director.
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We’re bringing together leading experts in government and academia who create, collect, and offer solutions for a host of public policy issues relating to the built environment.
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